Rave'N Havanese Specializing in the Havanese Breed

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About Us

Along the rolling bluffs of the Missouri river are two sisters and supportive families sharing time, energy, knowledge and the love in maintaining healthy, happy, sturdy Havanese.  We have 30 years of breeding experience between the two of us.

     Rave'N South is located in a city neighborhood where everyone has a dog and walking is a way of life!  Our family includes two teenage daughters for our Havanese to entertain and care for.  The girls enjoy teaching their Havs many tricks and casual agility training.  The Havs love to dress in their athletic wear to support the girls in their designated sporting seasons.  Particularly Soccer.......where the crowd and the team members appreciate their enthusiasm! 

     Rave'N North is located on a beautiful acreage in the northeastern corner of Nebraska.  We believe our Havanese are first and foremost family members.  They live with us in our homes and are not kenneled.   These loveable little entertainers are just as happy laying on your feet while at the computer, resting on the back of the sofa with their bodies on your shoulders, or a fun romp in the fenced in yard playing tag with each other.

Lenni eating a leaf with Lori